Musical director

Live music supervisor and programmer for UK and international pop artists

“Over the past 2 years ive been working mostly with The Wanted – which has become a full time job. Before that it was Mika, the Saturdays, the Sugababes and basically anything and everything on the more ‘pop’ side of the industry.

My job is different every day. Often I’m brought in right at the beginning (as was the case with The wanted and The Saturdays) to work with artists who have made an album yet have never performed live before.

I'll need to create a whole live show from scratch – that means finding the right band then trying to recreate the record for a live audience. This will also involve helping an artist to develop their live performance skills. You’re working alongside the choreographer, record company and the video guys; constantly changing things to improve the performance to keep the audience interested. Other days I'm in the studio; editing tracks for TV shows or videos, …maybe mixing a live performance for broadcast… It's always different

I believe getting live music right is all about sensibility; it’s about knowing how a record should sound and then helping the artist or the record company to achieve where they see themselves. You need to understand the music that these guys listen to or you’ll end up missing the point”

david whitmey on stage